Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Publix promise, price guarantee

Doesn't the lady in this picture seem to be standing
a little too close to that employee? Awkward!

If you shop at Publix, take advantage of their price guarantee. If their price at checkout is above what was listed at the shelf, you get one of that item for free.

Tonight, I got free Fresh Express baby spinach, five pounds of gold potatoes and a bag of Stacy's multigrain pita chips.

If numbers stick in your head, these will be easy for you to spot as they ring them up. Someone has to go check the shelf tag, so I find that it is easier to wait and go to customer service so that you are not holding up the line. Also, they are a little more used to dealing with it and don't act like you are a crazy person for asking about three items in one transaction.

Saving $15 was worth the three extra minutes it took me at the store tonight.

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