Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our cheap summer plans

Since many small people in my house have been vomiting a ridiculously large amount, I decided to think about the joys of summer and make a list of what free/cheapish things we can do in our community this summer.

1.  The gardens: Aldridge Gardens and Botanical Gardens are both free and make for nice walks, exploration and picnic lunches.

2. Running: This is for me, as I don't really expect my kids to start training for a marathon (until next year). Moss Rock Preserve and Boulder Fields, Oak Mountain Park, Greenway Trail, and Veterans' Park.

3. Animals: The Alabama Wildlife Center and Birmingham Zoo (which isn't free, but since we purchased a pass, we will be getting our money's worth).

4. The great outdoors: Ruffner Mountain nature sanctuary, Rickwood Caverns and Meyer Planetarium.

5. History: Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, Southern Museum of Flight, Sloss Furnaces and 9/11 Memorial Walk.

6. Fire: Watch July 4th fireworks from my brother's house/awesome view of fireworks.

7. Food: Birmingham Farmers' Market and The Peanut Depot.

8. Art: Birmingham Museum of Art.

9. Water: Free splash pad in Gardendale and The Bama Belle (sunset boat rides, which is what Enoch really wants for his birthday).

10. Parks: Kelly Ingram Park, Homewood Park, Railroad Park, Wald Park, Wildflower Park and Veterans' Park.

11. Movies: Free movies at the Rave on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings and free movies at Homewood Park on Friday evenings.

12. Reading: Hoover Library summer reading program and Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program.

What's something cool and cheap are you doing this summer?

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Wade Kwon said...

Thanks for the links to Magic City Post's stories on the free summer movies. Believe it or not, we have even more free movies posted now.

Here's a secret: You can find all of our latest free events in one click ...

Hopefully free summer fun will counteract copious vomiting ...