Sunday, August 30, 2009

Target School Supplies Clearance

Has anyone been to Target lately and seen whether or not school supplies are on clearance? Just wanted to get some stuff for next year (backpacks and lunch boxes). If you know of any places that have this stuff on sale, let me know!

Update: I drove to Target tonight (8-31) and still no clearance on school supplies. Then I found this from a self-proclaimed Target expert internet man.
"Target clearance follows a strict schedule depending on when school starts in different states. Usually the pattern goes as following: 1st week school starts 15-30% off depending on the amount left and location, 2nd week 30-50%, 3rd week 50-75% and they usually have to be gone within a month. Most stores sell out in the 50% week and some make it to 75%. Our stores in Central Florida make it to the 75% week and we stock up!! Continually check up every 3-5 days or so and you can save a lot of money on school supplies!"
Wrong, wrong, internet man. I thought I could put my trust in you, but alas. So we are in week 2 of school and nada. So much for the "strict schedule." But I won't be sad when I am forced to return to Target to recheck the school stuff and stop by every end cap in the store. They are like magnets.

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