Sunday, September 20, 2009

Free Starry Night at the Museum

Florida Museum of Natural History is having a Starry Night this Friday, Sept. 25th, from 5 to 10 p.m.

This is what their website says about the event:

See the night sky closer than ever before. Join the Florida Museum of Natural History, the UF Astronomy Department, the Alachua Astronomy Club, and the Florida Space Grant Consortium for an inside look at the universe beyond! Build a telescope, see a portable planetarium show, or view a moonscape in 3-D!

Join astronaut, Captain Winston Scott, for an inside look at what it takes to visit space!

Bring the whole family for a fun-filled night of astronomical proportions!

The best part is, it's FREE. Of course.

Also, I want to share a personal museum experience we had this week. We went to Orlando to visit with friends, but we needed a quick activity to do while we waited to meet up. Of course the parks are astronomically (I'm on a space kick) priced, and even going to the Orlando Science Center was going to cost $60 for our whole family. So we joined our local (see above) science museum to go to all of their temporary exhibits for free and go to the Butterfly Rainforest free (we did the membership plus). Then, whenever we travel anywhere, we can look up the museum network and visit a new museum. So we got in the Orlando Science Center for "free." Which I won't actually count any of it as free until we have used the passes enough to surpass our membership fee. So I'll give you updates later. But I am pretty excited about the future educational fun we'll be having. But the point is that in the end we will have a year of fun for less than it would have cost to go to one of Orlando's many giant money traps (which are super fun, but also super pricey). It's hard having a big family and still wanting to have fun (outside of the living room)!

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Kristi said...

I just sent you an email about this event, but I see you already knew about it. We'll see you there!