Thursday, February 10, 2011

Book club is tomorrow, and the library is closed

Well, technically, book club is next week, and The Help is all checked out with precisely a million holds. Going to the book store: not an option. You would take that off the list too if you had seen my twins' reaction to a return at Best Buy today. I think they sold out of earplugs while we were there. Oh ... they don't sell those. Well, um, anyway. Ordering on Amazon: would arrive the day before book club meets if I chose 1-day shipping. I really want to go to book club, but not spend-the-mula-on-1-day-shipping want to go to book club. My library kept taunting me with e-books, but apparently that is only for the print-impaired. I thought that was a joke or some kind of clever advertising to get you to read the e-books, but it is an actual disorder that you have to prove you have before you can get access to these e-books. So after a little exploration I found, where I can read The Help online for free. Without having to download it. And though I hate reading on the computer, I thought this was good for emergency book-club situations. I am not equipped to answer any is-it-safe-and-legal questions, but feel free to share any info you gather.

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