Sunday, February 20, 2011

Discounted newspapers

Since moving to Birmingham, AL, we haven't started a newspaper subscription, for the coupons of course (to the horror of my former, news-oriented co-workers). Let's get real. We can get our news online or through status updates of our facebook friends (insert laugh here), and actually we can get coupons that way too. But sometimes it is nice to have some on hand. Mainly because I get so jealous when lists a coupon that I don't have. Arrrrgghh. And then I have to X it off my easy shopping-list-maker gizmo, which hasn't worked since I finally decided to use it. On to what we can get to work, and that is this fabulous deal on a newspaper subscription. In Birmingham, the selection I wanted (Wednesday and Sunday only) was over 60% off ... holla! So go to to see if it's in your area (sorry, Gainesville, but you're not there, frown).

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