Thursday, September 15, 2011

To Netflix or Not to Netflix

What are your thoughts on the new rate increases for Netflix? We had the one-DVD-at-a-time plan with unlimited streaming, which works awesome for us. Some months we barely order DVDs through the mail because I misplace a DVD or an envelope. Sometimes, I just order something because it got decent ratings, but it feels like torture putting it in the DVD player to actually watch it. Those types sit on the nightstand for weeks. But the kids use the heck out of the instant streaming, and I like to stream things during laundry folding. So the rate hike adds six bucks a month to keep my same plan, or I can do either streaming or ordering individually for $8/month. Currently, we pay $10/month for both.

My question is, can I take advantage of redbox free codes (go here to sign up for free codes) enough to cancel the DVD portion of my Netflix? I did an experimental Blockbuster free code, and they charged me extra for turning it in one minute late. I was ticked and re-vowed to hate Blockbuster forever, for the fifth time. Seriously, they are sneaky about their return policy. It isn't posted clearly on machines, and when they had their stores, the return policy was constantly changing in an effort to trick me. At least that's what the president of Blockbuster said. Not really, but that would have been rude, right?

So is it worth saving the six dollars and trying to time my movie watching with redbox free codes. Is it actually possible to watch a movie in a 24-hour period? Will I end up wasting more mine in time and gas? What if I want to watch Breakin', which is definitely not at redbox? What will my nightstand look like without a Netflix movie envelope cluttering it up?

Are you a Netflix-er? What are you doing with your subscription?

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Another Piece Of Chocolate said...

We are planning to cut back on the number of movies we get each month. We are not ready to give up on them yet, but I sure hope they don't raise prices again anytime soon or we will have to strongly consider our options.