Monday, November 7, 2011

$20 off Rock n Roll race registrations on 11-11-11

I've been MIA because of this very thing, racing! It is quite addictive, but it can get on the pricey side with all of the race entry fees and $60 compression socks (which of course you can buy on Amazon for much less, but they don't help when they arrive the day after you needed them for the race).

I raced two Rock n Rolls this year, Nashville and Savannah, and they were both huge, well stocked, well organized, and insanely fun. Better support and crowds for the half marathon portions, but still fun no matter which way you go.

They are unfortunately more expensive than some smaller races, but with this $20 off, it levels that paying field (get it!).

The details: register here on 11-11-11 between 11am and 11pm to get your discount.

There is no time like the present to set a goal and work a training plan. Seriously, it's the most motivating and empowering thing I have done in a long time. And if you do this and are looking for a simple training plan, I recommend Hal Higdon, who has lots of free training plans to fit your training level.

Do it!

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