Sunday, March 28, 2010

Buying bone-in chicken

At Publix this week, the bone-in chicken was on sale. And as they ran out of the frozen chicken that I was going to get super cheap with all of the coupons to go with it (thank goodness for rain checks), I bought bone-in. Now I usually buy it boneless skinless because I wait for it to go on sale and stock up. But in researching this week on the best way to cook my bone-in chicken breasts, I found this article, basically outlining how you can get some delicious grub from do-it-yourself deboning and deskinning of chicken breasts. And if you read the article, don't be scared by her meal calendar. Wow, the whole month planned at once! I feel super accomplished if I have jotted down seven ideas on a scratch sheet of paper and loosely attached them to the side of my fridge, but hey, some people just have it together, one ENTIRE month at a time.

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