Thursday, March 11, 2010

Free sample of InkBGone

While unable to find the trash can, dishwasher, or shoe basket, my kids have a magic sense of how to discover hidden objects around the house, such as any type of permanent ink or paint. Oh, and also Christmas presents, but I don't think InkBGone helps with that.
So visit InkBGone to register and get a free 1 oz. sample of their product, which they said usually sells for $14.99. Made from natural ingredients and designed to get out Sharpie and other permanent markers from leather and more.

1 comment:

The Kay Family said...

Just requested my sample in the hopes it will take some lingering ink and paint out of some of the kids clothes. Kids do have a radar for all things off-limits. At our house it is highlighters, of all things!!