Saturday, March 20, 2010

Coupons getting in the wrong hands

I posted the K-mart coupon link, which has worked for some and not for others. It didn't work in our town (Gainesville, FL), and according to some testimonials, K-mart workers were trying to accuse people of distributing forged coupons or making it themselves to steal from K-mart. So I found this story interesting.

It looks like K-mart put out a coupon on the web intending for people in only certain areas to use it, even though it says valid in all stores. I guess they forgot that it is the WORLD-WIDE WEB or, for those of you more savvy users, WWW.

And can I just say that the most frustrating thing for coupon users is to be told that you are trying to steal from a company! Just because you are trying to stay within a budget, you are not a thief. Companies have specials so that you will visit their stores and use their products. It's not stealing; it's patronizing (not the condescending kind). And a good way to get you to not do it is to accuse people of thieving when they are standing at the helm of a crowded check-out lane. Awkward!

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